Caring for your tree

Take Care of Your "Real Tree" this Christmas!

We would like to remind everyone about the simple steps required to enjoy a real Christmas Tree's majesty and wonderful bouquet. Here are a few Tree Care Tips which will help extend your tree over the Holiday Season. 

1. When buying your tree, conduct a freshness test. Grasp a branch between your thumb and forefinger and pull it towards you. If the tree is fresh, no more than 5-10 needles should come off in your hand; more needles may come off in colder dryer conditions - this is normal. 

2. Store the tree in a cool place, out of the wind, rain and sun, until it is ready to be assembled in the stand. 

Download the PDF version of our Tips
Download the PDF version

3. Ensure your tree stand is large enough to hold four liters (one gallon) of water as well as the trunk of the tree. 

4. When bringing the tree indoors, cut 3-5 cm (1-2 inches) off the tree stump before placing it in water. The cut must be no more than four hours old; otherwise sap will seal the cut. This prevents the water from rising up thus drying out the tree. 

5. Place a tree-moving bag under your tree and stand, ready to be drawn up around the tree to make disposal easier. 

6. The first water fill should be with warm water enabling the sap to flow readily. As the tree thaws, water will be drawn upwards replenishing the moisture to the extremities. No additives are required. 

7. Have a family member top up the water twice daily so the base of the tree never dries out. Your tree may drink several liters of water everyday for the first week or two. 

8. Display your tree away from heat sources and direct sunlight. 

9. After the holidays, wrap the entire tree in the moving bag. Bring everything outside, including the stand, which can be easily removed once the tree is on its side outdoors. 

10. Your tree is a living plant, and will last longer by following these simple tips.

11. Always keep our tree stand clean as dirt or rust will cause bacterial growth in the water stopping the tree's ability to drink.